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Q: YO muvafuckazzzz all I'm askin for is a few seconds in the lime light !! Pls


asked by ffavo
Q: How do u get followers ?? Bby :)(((

post a lot and be nice to people !!

asked by ffavo
Q: Staple summer basics? (Summer is comminnnn)

kinis, big tops n sunscreen

asked by Anonymous
Q: What are some good fashion blogs?

4thandbleeker, thehautepursuit, shinebythree, camilleovertherainbow, shelbs blog ++++ heaps idk

asked by Anonymous
Q: what are some casual items of clothing that are in fashion at the moment and what would you wear with black high wasted jeans and/or baggy light blue levi mom jeans xx sorry that's so long!

a sleeveless coat or sleeveless turtleneck

asked by yeeyaz
Q: just wondering if you would follow back on insta

um I just follow back / follow pages i like i dunno

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Q: hey hey


asked by mixtape-monday
Q: How old are you?


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Q: What did you buy from acne the other day I'm so excited

hehehehehheh me 2

asked by Anonymous
Q: hiii!! :)

heeellloooo, hru

asked by vahuts
Q: where do you get your style inspiration from? I live for your style! xx

ahh aw, idk i just sorta dress how I like I don’t necessarily have any inspiration (^_^)☆

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Q: Your blog is seriously perfect x


asked by forgotten-beauty
Q: Do you smoke, have you ever done drugs?


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Natasha x Sasha

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